Paypal Synonym of security

Paypal Synonym of security

Paypal, with 22 years in the world market, is the open platform for digital payments with the highest coverage in the world, its more than 325 million active account holders prove it; available in more than 200 markets around the world where consumers and merchants can receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and maintain Paypal balances in 25 different currencies.

In plazaprime we have the Paypal payment platform because it is the one with the highest coverage and security for buyers, among all its benefits it has its buyer protection policy, which is one of the simplest to interpret and complete policies that exist in the world market; every buyer will be protected if:

1._ You were charged for something you did not buy: This means that if someone has used your Paypal account without your knowledge and / or authorization, you can report the fact within 60 days after the unauthorized transaction, once reported by Paypal. the respective investigation of proving buyer's favor activates the coverage of the eligible $ 0 liability program for unauthorized transactions.
2._ Your order or purchase never arrived: In this case you just have to log in to your Paypal account and open a dispute to start the refund process.
3._ You receive your order but the item is totally different from what you bought: In this case Paypal handles a variety of cases that correspond to this condition and among them we have:
a._ You received a totally different item; For example, you bought a knife sharpener and received a Manual can opener.
b._ The item you purchased is missing parts as described by the seller.
c._ You received less quantity of the items you bought.
d._ The item was damaged during transport, for example you bought a vintage style wall clock and it arrived broken.
e._ You received a counterfeit item, for example you purchased a Baseus Brand Wireless Headset but received a fake Baseus branded or unbranded headset.

It should be noted that you can make your claim or dispute up to 180 days after your purchase or payment has been made, only in the case of a claim for unauthorized purchases or manipulated by third parties, the claim is within 60 days of said operation.

PayPal uses a secure method to make payments and money transfers due to 128-bit SSL encryption technology that protects all confidential information and the merchant where you buy never receives financial data such as the card number or bank account.

Paypal recommends that in any situation that warrants a claim, you first contact the business where you bought the item and if you do not find an immediate response, attention and / or solution, use the Paypal dispute center so that they contact the business immediately to find a solution to the claim.

Paypal has successfully provided the best protection against fraud and this also includes merchants since they also have protection for the seller, giving the balance of transparency in purchase and sale transactions, for that reason it keeps scammers away.

The guarantee and refund policy of plazaprime is independent and separate from that of Paypal, where every buyer may apply these policies as best suits the customer and may even use both guarantees if required. The guarantee that plazaprime presents is of greater coverage and faster response and solution of claims, so we are convinced that you will feel safe and satisfied with Plazaprime.

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