Plazaprime makes shipments through standard mail for most countries, and in some destinations we use shipments through expedited mail, which guarantees us through its tracking number the total traffic control and package delivery at home to our customers. We do not make the economic shipments because the package can only be traced until arrival in the country of destination, but it does not allow tracking until the delivery at home of our customers and also considering that its delivery time is usually longer than the standard mail.

We do not use the term "Free Shipping" as there is no logistics operator that does not charge for shipping and delivery of packages. All our prices are unique and the costs of handling, packaging and shipping are included, so you will not find in the purchase process any rate or any other concept that makes vary the original price that you saw from the main product page.

The prices are unique for each country, that is, the browser identifies the country from which our buyers access and our system will automatically show the unique price that corresponds to the country from which Plazaprime is accessed, however if a customer makes an order and the address to which it sends is from a different country from where the buyer is entering the price will have variation because the shipping cost when being included in the price is recalculated according to the Country where it will be sent, please take into account if you are going to make a purchase to a different country from where you are.

The shipment / dispatch is made between 1 and 3 days after placing the order where from there the customer is sent the tracking number, the shipping times according to destination can be seen in the table at the end of this politics. All packages have insurance in case of loss or deterioration of the product, this can be replaced or the money back according to our return policy.

There are data that less than 1% of the packages are opened and reviewed by customs officials of the destination country but still it must be taken into account that each country has its own rules and regulations regarding imports, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with The import policy of your country before placing a purchase order, since the customer is responsible for complying with the import regulations of the country of destination, keep in mind that some products may require special permits for import (For In Peru, cell phones are considered restricted merchandise, so they require permission from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, just as toys require Digesa's permission for importation.) It is the client's total responsibility to comply with their standards to avoid their products being confiscated.