Terms and conditions of use of plazaprime

This contract describes the terms and conditions of access and applicable use of the services offered by PlazaPrime. This document is a legally binding agreement between you (s) as user (s) and PlazaPrime.

If the user makes use of the PlazaPrime site, the acceptance of the terms and conditions of PlazaPrime by the User will be implicit, where he is expressly obliged to comply with them, not being able to allege ignorance of such terms and conditions of use as well as the policy of Privacy.

1. Application and acceptance of the terms and conditions:

a. Access and use of Plazaprime services is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document, as well as the Privacy Policy. The user (s) when accessing the site and / or using the services of PlazaPrime.com agree to agree to the terms and conditions included in this document. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not browse or use PlazaPrime services.

b. PlazaPrime services are only available to users who are of legal age and the ability to contract.

c. Users agree that PlazaPrime may modify the terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy at any time, such changes will be made known through our website and will take effect from the tenth day after their publication.

d. PlazaPrime presents the terms and conditions of use in other languages, these translations are presented for the knowledge however for any legal interpretation the interpretation in Spanish will prevail.

e.The terms and conditions of use can only be modified in writing by a PlazaPrime official.

2. Acceso y uso de los servicios:

a. Our visitors will be able to browse freely in PlazaPrime but in order to use the services (Purchases, queries, Comments on the forum, etc.), you must register as a member or user of the site in order to be able to use said services.

b. The services (or any characteristic of the services) may vary for different regions and / or countries depending on the availability, reality of the region and another that in the opinion of PlazaPrime is more convenient for our users. PlazaPrime reserves the right to deny or create different levels of access and use of any of our services and / or their characteristics to our users.

c. PlazaPrime may launch, update, impose conditions on, suspend or stop providing any of our services (or any feature within the services) without prior notice, except for those that affect any economic transaction made by our users.

d. Users agree to use PlazaPrime services only for their own private and internal purposes. Users agree that they will not copy, reproduce, download, publish, sell, distribute or resell the services or any information available on PlazaPrime, nor use their content for the purpose of operating a business in direct or indirect competition from PlazaPrime without the consent of PlazaPrime.

e. e. PlazaPrime can allow users to access content and / or services offered by third parties through hyperlinks (in the form of a written link, Banners, channels or otherwise), PLazaPrime makes it known that it has no control or responsibility over these sites so we recommend that users read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies of such sites before using the services.

f. Users may not under any circumstances take any action that could affect the integrity of the PlazaPrime system.

g. Users can only be assigned an account with PlazaPrime and will be fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their ID and password and for all activities that occur under their account. Users will be responsible for immediately notifying PlazaPrime if they become aware of any unauthorized use of their account and password or any other violation of their account security.

h. Users agree that all activities that occur under their account (sending mail, commenting on forums, making payments for purchases, acceptance of any agreement or additional rules) will be considered to have been authorized.

3. Responsabilidades de los usuarios:

a. a. Users accept and guarantee that they have the capacity, authority and legal age to contract and accept the terms of this agreement.

b. Users are required to provide verifiable information about their identity during the account registration process at PlazaPrime. Users declare, guarantee and accept that the information provided is true, accurate, updated and complete, being responsible for updating their personal information if there is any change in it.

c. Users who register and open an account with PlazaPrime give their authorization to PlazaPrime to store and use their information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

d. Users must not publish, send, display any content that infringes or violates the copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, commerce or any other personal or property right of third parties.

e. Users will be able to publish, send, display content that is True, exact, complete, legal and must not contain defamatory, discriminatory, slanderous, threatening, harassing, obscene, unpleasant, offensive, sexually explicit and / or harmful information to any person without age limit or nationality, or that contains any direct or indirect link to any other website that includes any content that may violate the terms and conditions of this document.

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