Windproof Portable Gas Stove Bulin BL100 - B16

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Product Features:

Practical folding gas stove ideal for installing a kitchen in all outdoor activities; indispensable for hikers, hunters, backpackers, campers, geologists, etc.

Package Details:

Category: Gas Stove

Style: outdoor

Package weight: 1,363 kg.

Package size (L x W x H): 27.50 x 27.50 x 31.00 cm / 10.83 x 10.83 x 12.2 inches.

Package content: 1 x gas stove, 1 x lighter, 1 x bag, 1 x English manual.

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Main features:

- Made of aluminum alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel, lightweight, strong and windproof.
- Large folding support, and with six-jaw folding horizontal support, strong and resistant, non-slip and stable, suitable for several people, the maximum bearing weight is 20 kg.
- Windproof shield design, effectively prevents the flame from extinguishing and causes combustion to develop completely.
- Strong firepower and high efficiency, power rate of 3800 W and burning heat collection easily, can reach 800-900 degrees C at a time.
- Energy saving, rotating flame to create stronger firepower and more economical gas consumption.
- The ceramic electronic ignition design, with the lighter included, can ignite the stove without external flame, easy and convenient to use.
- Adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output to a slow, fast and efficient boil.
- Foldable, portable and compact, with the elastic spring button design, easy to fold and store in the case, easy and convenient to carry.
- It comes with a bag to carry it comfortably, a perfect tool for outdoor camping, picnic, hiking, etc.


- Material: copper alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
- Rated Power: 3800W
- Foldable Size: 19 x 19 x 17.8cm / 7.48 x 7.48 x 7 inches.
- Stretched Size: 27,2 x 27,2 x 30,4 cm / 10,71 x 10,71 x 11,97.
- Maximum support: 20 Kg.

Use Instructions:

1. Before ignition, examine the flame regulator to make sure it is in the closed position (clockwise as in the closed direction).
2. Check the O-ring on the stove seal to make sure it is in place and in good condition.
3. Place the stove on the level of the solid surface, make sure the stove is fully tightened or it may damage the gas cartridge valve.
4. After installing the tanks, verify that the appliance is connected to the gas cartridge tightly, to make sure there are no signs of leaks.
5. Open the flame regulator 3/4 turn. After the gas explodes, ignite the flame.
6. Turn the flame regulator to the desired fire setting. The appropriate fire will appear blue and orange and will adjust smoothly from low to high.
7. After use, turn off the stove by turning the flame regulator counterclockwise (counterclockwise) before opening the tank connected to the valve. It is recommended to wait for the stove to cool before dismantling because there may be a small amount of gas evolution that can be dangerous.


- Gas cartridge in the picture is not included.
- Don't use the stove indoor, inside the tent or other closed area.
- Without electric-spark ignition system, please use lighter, flint or match to ignite the gas stove.

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